Transforming Your Health with Dr. El

There’s a sweeping change taking place in medicine today. No longer are people content to see a doctor only when they’re sick, to be treated with a variety of pharmaceutical solutions that they don’t understand, and whose side effects may be as harmful to the body as the original illness. Many patients are seeking natural, gentle solutions to their health concerns, and easily blend relationships with a traditional internal medicine MD with advice and safe treatments from their Naturopathic Doctor.

This integrative approach is one that I recommend to my patients. We can best serve our patients’ health problems when we work together. There are times when an emergency room, surgery, and drug therapy is the right choice. My focus is on rebalancing the body, boosting the immune system and restoring it to full and vibrant health long before those developing illnesses become critical.

Working with me is easy: if you can travel to my office at Shalva Clinic in Westport, CT, then we can enjoy a personal meeting with hands-on medical care. For those of you who live far away, a phone consultation can be scheduled to review your concerns and help you create an action plan for health. After our visit, I can select the right vitamins and supplements to support your health through the Healthy You store.

If you become a member in my Love Life! Program, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter filled with up-to-the-minute health advice, a quarterly master class where you can both watch me live on video and ask questions in real time, a private Facebook page, and a once a year phone call with me for some very personal attention!

I want to do more than just treat a disease once it’s taken hold in your body. I want to promote a healthy lifestyle that supports your body by relying on its own natural wisdom to restore health. I treat the whole person, reviewing your unique and complex physical, mental, and environmental makeup to create a new cornerstone in your life for wellness.

I hope you’ll join me!

A 15 minute complimentary phone session can answer many of your questions about treatment for cervical dysplasia. Schedule your call by contacting me at my office, Shalva Clinic, at 203-916-4600.